Trump to Liberty Grads: Outsiders Change the World

Most white evangelicals are happy with the leader Jerry Falwell Jr. calls their “dream president.”

Update (May 13): President Donald Trump told a roaring crowd at Liberty University’s commencement to follow their Christian convictions, even when it means feeling like an outsider or taking a stand against the establishment.

“Being an outsider is fine. Embrace the label because it's the outsiders who change the world and make a lasting difference,” Trump told the Lynchburg, Virginia, campus during his first visit as president Saturday morning. “Be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures. Does that sound familiar, by the way?”

In front of a record-setting crowd of about 50,000 attendees, the newly minted politician winked to his support from evangelicals—repeatedly bringing up religious freedom and identifying with their position as Washington outsiders by critiquing the “broken” system and leaders “who think they know everything.”

“In America we do not worship government, we worship God. We do not need a lecture from Washington on how to lead our lives,” he said to the graduates. “As long as I am your president, no one is ever going to stop you from practicing your faith or from preaching what is in your heart.”

Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr., a member of Trump’s faith advisory board, has buddied up to the president and recently attended a White House dinner and Rose Garden ceremony announcing the president’s executive order on religious liberty.


Liberty University has a lot to celebrate this weekend. At a ceremony honoring its 18,000 graduates, America’s largest Christian college will be the first to hear commencement remarks from President Donald Trump.

Liberty president …

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