What is Christ Together Network and How Does It Work to Saturate a City?

The Directional Team of Christ Together Network talks “God's Gospel Saturation.”

Ed: Scott, what is Christ Together? What are you trying to accomplish?

Scott Chapman: Christ Together is a network of local churches that band together to reach every man, woman, and child in their city with the Gospel. The idea is that when the churches of a particular area own the lostness of their city, things change. We begin to see the Gospel go out in ways that we had not seen prior, and that's what Christ Together is all about: really reaching people for Jesus.

Ed: It seems like there's a geographical component to this; that may be unfamiliar to some people. What does that mean, to "own" something?

Scott: To own the lostness of your city or your area means to take personal responsibility. It's based on the idea of Acts 17, that God places people in the times and the places for certain reasons. We believe, as Christ followers, that we've been placed in certain geographies; our responsibility is to get the good news to the people in that area. It's really churches taking ownership to make sure that the people around them get connected to Christ.

Ed: Jerry, what does that look like on the field, in a place like Buffalo or wherever? What are some actions or attributes of the partnership?

Jerry Gillis: One thing we do is draw what we call circles of accountability. It's not our term, it's a term coined by a missiologist friend of ours named Dwight Smith. That term, circle of accountability, is taking local congregations that the Spirit has placed in those locations and putting a two to five-mile radius around that church and saying "We have to make sure that every person within this circle of accountability has a repeated opportunity to hear and to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived …

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