Evangelism in Leadership: Is It Really as Simple as 5 Simple Steps?

We cannot lead what we do not live.

Pastors today are facing several challenges that make it tough to lead their churches into evangelism. With a trend towards tolerance, evangelism and ‘trying to convert’ others is often a major turn off in broader American and Western culture. Within the Church, compassion and justice ministries have become more affirmed and applauded, and so it’s often easier to focus our outreach efforts in those areas.

Additionally, many younger evangelicals don't necessarily want to identify as evangelical and would rather focus on the inclusion of others than on the message that rejecting Jesus leads to exclusion from the presence of God.

With these cultural odds stacked against us, how do we keep ourselves from becoming defeated in sharing our faith? More than that, how do we become effective in leading others in the area of evangelism? Here are five simple steps that will help us lead our churches into fulfilling the call to make disciples.

Commit to being a witness, even if you’re not an evangelist.

The truth is that not everyone is an evangelist. In fact, many pastors are not gifted in evangelism, but that doesn’t mean we don’t tell others about what God has done for us through Jesus. Although Jesus gives His disciples different spiritual gifts, He commissions all of us to be His witnesses and testify to what He has done (Acts 1:8, Matthew 4:19, John 20:21).

Later in scripture, Paul exhorts Timothy to do the work of an evangelist, even though that probably wasn’t his primary gifting (2 Timothy 4:5). In order to shift the tide of evangelism in our churches, we must first take greater ownership of it ourselves.

Model personal evangelism that your people can imitate.

Too many pastors have limited …

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