Theology for Life, Episode 26

The Grand Story of God and Our Place in It

The Grand Story of God and Our Place in It

In this episode of Theology for Life, Ed and Lynn talk about what it means that the Bible is the grand narrative–one story–of God and the Christian life. As we read the Bible, we must be faithful to the description of God, who is the Author of the text. This, Lynn says, will help protect us from proof-texting. Ed shares the pros and cons of creation, fall, redemption, restoration, and what happens when we start to think of scripture in these terms. Ed says that evangelicals are rediscovering the metanarrative of scripture, which impacts how we see the place of the people of God in the story of God. Lynn concludes with a reminder that the Church is the Body of Christ. He is the head, but the body plays a critical role in the life of faith as well.

Dr. Lynn Cohick is Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College.

Dr. Ed Stetzer holds the Billy Graham Distinguished Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College, is Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center, and publishes church leadership resources through Mission Group.

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